Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New product - Web Messaging Centre

Today we launched our new Web Messaging Centre. Great features (phone book synch, conversational history, MMS, lists of recipients). And a great target market (the overlap between 3 billion SMS users and 1.4 billion internet users). The product brings all of Mobispine's expertise in PC-to-SMS and moves it to the web. This will be a strong platform for us for the future. We are also really excited about the roadmap for this product - features to boost MMS and also features to truely make this app the centre of the user's mobile messaging activity.

We see that new communication tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Skype are all becoming multi-client - with web, mobile and PC apps - and our mission is to bring this capability to SMS and MMS.

As ever, we love feedback so let us know what you think and contact us to try it out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mobispine appoints VP Product Management

Mobispine, the mobile messaging company, today announced the appointment of Dr. James Pycock as VP Product Management. He joins the management team alongside Joakim Hilj, Joacim Boivie and Andrew Boddy.

Dr. Pycock joins the company from Fun Text, a company he founded and which was acquired by Mobispine last month. He brings seven years of experience in mobile messaging, delivering products to Mobile Operators in the USA as well as Europe.

Prior to Fun Text, Dr.Pycock was at Xerox Corporation where he was responsible for R&D in software applications, including teams at the Xerox PARC research centre in Silicon Valley. He holds numerous software patents and has published widely in the area of User Interface Design.

”Mobispine will be a company to watch as we deliver on our product pipeline and deepen our leadership in key areas of mobile messaging”, said James Pycock. ”We will move quickly on our vision backed up by a significant program of product development investment in innovation.”

"James has already proven that he has the skills to take the company to the next level. We will shortly see some of his product management efforts materialize into new products and also revenue", says Joakim Hilj, CEO of Mobispine.

We all welcome James to Mobispine!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

CEO update - My thoughts

One week has passed since I started my new job as CEO for Mobispine. Things have been busy of course but the feedback from customers, partners and co-workers has been overwhelmingly positive. That feels good and I have so many ideas that I want to make happen in Mobispine.

We now need to work hard and also do the right things within the company. This will help us become the world leading messaging company.

Our desktop messaging products are for sure world-leading if you count number of customers, transactions, desktop clients etc. I also believe we have a strong (leading!?) position in the emotional messaging (Fun Text) space. The fact that leading mobile operators in UK, USA, Germany etc use the Fun Text platform gives us good confidence.

We need to make sure we as a company do the following
- Continue develop innovative and simple to use messaging products
- Increase quallity in all activities we are doing
- Be professional & aggressive within sales

Quality is something for everyone in the company not only QA but Project Management, devs, sales etc...

We want our customers and prospects to feel that we are passionate about our products/solutions, the business case we give them and the end-user value.

I want Mobispine to focus on closing more deals the coming months. We have great opportunities in Scandinavia, Europe and LATAM where we are getting closer to crunch time and decisions.

Thanks for your attention!
Joakim Hilj
CEO, Mobispine AB