Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry christmas & Happy New Year!

Year 2008 has been very interesting from Mobispine side. Somehow we can say we have become a real company with real customers and real revenue as well! Some positive takeways from this year is:
- increased the number of customers, currently +25 mobile operators as customers
- Three companies have been acquired and merged into Mobispine
- No of employees is now around 25 (a year ago we might have been 15..)
- Revenue goes up and shall go up even more for 2009 of course

In my opinion this is great progress from a company such as Mobispine with growth anbitions.

We don't know exactly what is waiting for us in 2009 when people talk about financial crisis, economic downturn etc. The only thing I know personally is that everything is possible. If you want something really bad you will most probably get it. The sky is the limit and with good products and good team you can always reach customers and do deals. It is just a question of number of calls, meetings, proposals etc.. So my guts feeling is that we will do even much better next year if we continue to work as hard as we are doing now (or even harder of course!)

I want to thanks all the fantastic employees we have in Sweden, Romania and Ukraine! We are very delighted that you want to work with us and build this company. We also want to thank all our fantastic customers. Without You we would not be here, we would not even be alive as a company. I also want to say thanks to all our shareholders who believe in us and have had the patience so far.


/ Joakim

PS Thanks Andrei for the picture!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mobispine a company presentation

We want to share with you the basic concept of Mobispine such as:
- Who we are
- What we do
- Who we sell our stuff to
- Our business model

Enjoy the reading and let us know if you have some ideas.