Thursday, October 28, 2010

Desktop messaging in the cloud

We now offer our world leading desktop messaging software as a service in the cloud directly to enterprises as well as through our distribution partners. Our brand is called SMS4PC and was just launched a few months ago. Growth and numbers look very promising and so much more for us to enhance the experience for all the customers.

We work on a new layout of the webpage (see below)

What do you think? Simple to understand the offering? Would you feel tempted to take the "free trial"? Would you buy from us?

Looks like next week is the launch date for this new "baby". We'll keep you posted!

Joakim @ the Mobispine team

Friday, October 8, 2010

Current usage pattern of Desktop Messaging

We just got some interesting data from some European mobile operators about the usage pattern they currently expore with our services. Their findings is quite interesting regards customers and user patterns

0,4% of the users account for 36% of the SMS traffic through the systems
4% of the users account for 71% of the SMS traffic through the system

43% of user accounts are from business/enterprise customers and remaining 57% are residential customers
BUT 84% of the SMS traffic comes from business/enterprise segment while residential market accounts only for 16%

Popular customer groups are within these sectors: transportation, public, IT-services and financials.

What does this tell us?
First of all Desktop Messaging as of today is first of all a business service.
Secondly, it tells us we need to focus even more on the top users (see above 4% accounts for 71% of traffic) and try to satisfy their needs even better in the future.

/ Joakim Hilj