Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Market research on SMS for business users

Thought you might find this market research on SMS for business users

"Early statistics from the MDA (Mobile Data Association) reported that the majority of UK based executives used SMS for work, receiving as many as 40 work related SMS messages daily and that British executives considered SMS their most valuable time-management tool. Think about it, the only resource a manager cannot replicate, is his own time. And if 'conservative' British executives felt SMS was their most valuable time-management tool, perhaps you should consider if this might be true.

Why SMS, why not email? Think about it. How urgently do you respond to emails? 160 Characters measured in 2007 that we respond to email in 24 hours, but we respond to SMS in 5 minutes. How much faster is SMS? It is 288 times faster in response time than email! That is like comparing air travel speeds of a hot air balloon to a jet plane. SMS is the jet age of interpersonal communications. We have similar findings from 2008 that SMS is read and responded to within 15 minutes (Experian 2008)".

We at Mobispine of course believe in this data and we see similar findings from customers all over the world.