Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thanks for a good 2009 and what to expect from 2010

I always feel I want more to be developed, delivered, sold etc but at the end of the year I always try to stop for a few seconds to think about the year that just passed and the coming year.

Looking back at 2009
This year Mobispine turned 5 years old and considering we were consolidating some acquisitions we have made at the same time as we were closing deals in new markets and reducing our overall cost structure 2009 was an OK year. Looking at some key metrics - that I can share - this is the progress:

- Going from being a company dealing only with RSS-technology (the RSS reader) into being a mobile messaging player with 25+ mobile operator customers in EMEA and APAC.
- Winning deals with new customers (mobile operators) in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and India.
- From loosing lots of money to almost breaking even
- Having established a solid delivery organization which makes it straightforward for us to deliver most kinds of projects to our customers
- Having established a strong product management function which will be even stronger next year

What to expect from 2010
Next year we will continue our investments into product development & sales. We will for example:
- Execute our product roadmap going from delivering only desktop messaging solutions to also delivering multimedia and volume messaging solutions.
- Hire experienced sales people with great experience from software sales
- Expand sales into a handful key mobile operator groups where we already have a presence.

I want with this short blog post say thank you to all fantastic people who are involved in this journey such as
- our employees
- our shareholders
- our customers

Happy New Year!
Joakim Hilj
CEO, Mobispine AB