Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mobispine facts & strategy

I feel we are a very ambitious team really trying to create value for our customers by delivering attractive products. More and more customer have been attracted by us lateley and we have decided to serve these mobile players such as: operators and handset manufacturers really well. Those are our customers. Our goal is to help them increase the ARPU (revenue) and the value in their handsets, mobile networks and at the end make consumers happy.

In order to summarize what we have done the last months in regards to creating a stronger company I summarize below:
We have done 3 company acquisitions:
- NewsAlloy - very exciting technology for web-based RSS-readers
- General Wireless, leading provider of software/applications for desktop messaging, More than 20 mobile operators use this technology today
- MyScoop, exciting company with services for creating communitys around photos/videos and storage of media

These acquisitions and our product development has created an exciting portfolio of Value Added Services for mobile players such as:
- Desktop messaging product suite - Outlook, standalone desktop clients, Vista gadgets, soon Mac etc...
- Mobile RSS news reader, Iphone, java, wap
- Photo/video communitys for sharing & storing of media from mobile and PC's

I personally love this portfolio of services and we see proof points from our customers that we are on the right track as the feedback gets more and more positive and also more and more orders coming in :). Thanks!

Currently we employ some 25 people in three countries, Most of us are techies dealing with development, testing or some other engineering tasks within the company. Next step for us is to find some top-notch business peple so we better could cover growth areas such as: APAC, Americas. We always look for dedicated Sales people who is able to to do business and make the customers happy.

Thanks to our employees, all our customers and all other hang-arounds for supporting us in this journey. My personal belief is that we have not even reached 10% of the company potential so please keep on working hard!

Take care!

Friday, October 17, 2008

WS 1.0 is (soon) here

Maybe some of you remember my blog about some new eSMS clients. Well, i wasn't lying. In a couple of weeks (maybe faster) we do the final polishing on the first version of the web service API that we promised you. It's not acctually that complicated, it's all only about sending SMS. It would be cool if some of you guys would like to try it out and come with your opinions. We could provide you with a number of free SMS and in return you could come with constructive criticism about the functionality. Those interested could send me a mail: and as subject "Testing WS 1.0".

In the first version we don't support MMS, that will come in version 2.0 but lets take it a step at a time.

Other cool stuff is the gadgets and widgets. We did a small change when we prioritized and instead of Google widgets we focus on Vista and Mac gadgets.
Basically these have the same soure code base and easy to work with. Our client developers are working hard on those and soon they can be taken in use.

I hope you guys allready tested the current clients. If not, go here

Getsatisfaction with Mobispine

Here at Mobispine we get some emails, calls, IM's from users around the world telling us what they think about what we do and what could be done in other ways.

We love the feedback (good or bad) and want you to continue doing so but what’s more important, we want everybody else to hear your voice as well. If you believe that we have solved a problem for you and made your life a bit easier we want to make that publicly available for everyone to see.

With that said, we invite you to log on to and write something, good or bad, about Mobispine and our products. To start we have this forum open for our RSS-based news reader product but I am sure we will see the other products there soon as well. It doesn’t have to be something long with some in-depth analysis, a few sentences is perfect and in return we will be eternally grateful :)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Appstore here we come!

Finally our News reader is available on the Apple Appstore. The last couple of weeks we have been developing and working on publishing our app and now you can test it yourselves, here is the iTunes link:

Mobispine News Reader

You can also search for "Mobispine" in the App store.

We really want your feedback on the app, what is missing, what do you want, what could be done? write a comment or send feedback to

Here is a photo of Per Lundberg, the developer of our iPhone app together with Andrew Boddy, CTO of Mobispine, great work guys!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

eSMS for the future

We have not been that active with blogs but that doesn't mean we have been lazy.
New orders are coming in and new installations to be completed and new releases to be made.

Internally we are working hard with the roadmap to provide you new clients and new possibilities to send messages. Antoher project we are working on is something we call Amorella (Yes, that name comes from a big ferry). This project has as target to rewrite parts of eSMS solution with newer technologies. Things get old and needs to be taken care of even though they work well, we can't just leave them as they are. It's like rearranging furniture even thought that old couch feels extremly comfortable.
Two big technological desicision has been made in this project and the first one is about what web server we use.
We started to use Glassfish in our installations instead of Tomcat and we are extremly happy about that! Glassfish provides us stability, security, modularity, everything you might want or we want!
Another big desicion is to use the Spring framework when rewriting the code. Spring is like magic! It's easy and extremly powerful and i enjoy every day i get to implement something in it.
These technologies and motivated developers will give us even more stable and stronger product!