Friday, April 17, 2009

Mobispine goes to Singapore 16-19 June

Mobispine will be in Singapore for the big Communicasia event on June 15-19. Last year the exhibition attracted more than 47,000 trade attendees and more than 1,500 exhibiting companies.

We go to Singapore with the ambition of doing Asian business with mobile operators and also other key players in the mobile Industry. We are looking for as many scheduled and non-scheduled meetings as possible from operators, handset makers, ISP's, VAR's, System Intergators.

We offer Desktop Messaging solutions and other value added services which all increase the ARPU.

We will be located in the Swedish Pavilion together with some other Swedish tech companies. If you are around and want to see more of our solutions and how they can increase revenue for you asa parter drop as an email at SALES AT MOBISPINE.COM

See ya!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sales Manager wanted

We look to strenghen our sales team with more people. If you either have extensive networks in the mobile industry, mobile operators or you consider yourself being extremely motivated and passionate about creating success and deals you should definitely look into the job profile we have at LinkedIn.

Happy Easter to all our customers, colleagues and investors.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Desktop Messaging - around 40% growth last month

SMS traffic from computers continue to grow! March figures compared with February figures is 40% up.

More and more Mobile Network Operators (MNO's) deploy and launch desktop messaging solutions towards their subscribers nowadays. Mobispine has currently more than 25 MNO's using our technology for desktop messaging and we are steadily growing with a few new MNO's per quarter.

Another finding we see when comparing data from these MNO's is that active users send between 20 and 200 SMS per user and month.

We know March has 10% more days than Feb and that would explain part of the growth but not the major part of course. Anyone with theories? People message more when ecenomy is down?

The data in this blog post come from 10 European Mobile Operators currently offering Mobispine desktop Messaging to its subscribers.

/ Joakim

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What is Desktop Messaging?

Some people I meet ask me some of the following questions: What are you doing? What is the need? I have e-mail, IM etc on my computer and some people have e-mail/twitter in their mobile phones as well. What is the need?

The answer is pretty straightforward
  1. Instant Messaging is great sending direct messages from one PC to another PC
  2. Standard SMS/MMS are great sending messages from one mobile phone to another mobile phone
  3. Desktop Messaging (from Mobispine for example) is great when users in front of their PC want to reach people directly (within seconds, minutes, hours). As of today most people carry a cell phone 24/7 but do not sit in front of a computer or in front of their e-mail 24/7.
Other benefits with desktop messaging is the ability to get replies back in your computer. This simplifies the administration and handling of incoming messages as well.

Our goal is to be a strong player in between computers and mobile phones as is the case of Desktop Messaging.

If you want to test our desktop messaging solution simply send as an email to sales AT and we will send you a version to test.