Monday, June 29, 2009

Mobispine Customer Survey - here is some feedback!

Thanks for all the good feedback we have got from customers/prospects and partners!

We have so far got 15+ responses from people in the mobile industry about our "customer survey" where +50% of respondents are existing customers to Mobispine and another 30% are partners to Mobispine so everyone is very familiar to what we deliver today.

What people like with our products

- Most people were referring our products to our "desktop messaging" products and some were talking about our RSS-reader as well
- People like the simplicity of our messaging products and also the integration to Outlook clients and its perfect fit into enterprises and small businesses. Respondent were also commenting positiveley about our RSS-reader and the fact it is pre-loaded with content and very simple to use.

What can Mobispine do to develop even better products?
- Give users less choice
- More enterprise functions
- Make sure all products are quality assured in general and towards Microsoft in particular.
- Some people were also talking about finding creative ways of bundling our softwares with mobile broadband dongles and similar.. Mobile broadband is a key growth area for many these days.

Towards who shall we target the products?
Desktop Messaging seem to be very much an enterprise product while the RSS-reader is definiteley a consumer product.

What features are customers asking for?

- access to phone boook and contacts
- Distribution lists and bulk messaging
- business intelligence and statistics both for mobile operators and enterprises

How do you see Mobispine as a company?
- Agile
- Great, innovative, perception is good, easy to deal with
- Aggressive in sales, focused, technically astute
- Energetic, fast
- slightly disorganized, quite diversified

How do you see Mobispine people?
- Technically solid
- Result oriented
- Easy to work with and responsive
- Motivated people, lacks some structure
- Great personal skills, very good

All in all we are happy that so many people answered our survey and we will definiteley try to become stronger in the areas you are pointing out.

Rgds Joakim Hilj

Monday, June 22, 2009

Telenor will launch eSMS/MMS for Mac users

Mobispine has signed an agreement with Telenor and delivered desktop messaging for Mac users as well as for PC users.

The service makes it possible for Telenor customers in Sweden to now also send SMS/MMS from Mac's as well.

- ”Mobispine is very happy that Telenor has chosen to enable desktop messaging for Mac users as well”, says Mobispine VP Sales Joakim Hilj. ”Mac users are very much early adopters and of course SMS/MMS from the laptop is a necessity nowadays”, continues Joakim Hilj.

Thanks Telenor for this opportunity and we look forward making this service succesful.

The Mobispine Team

Monday, June 15, 2009

Communicasia, Come & meet Mobispine in Singapore!

We are starting to get some good traction in APAC region and we want to be even stronger in this area. That's why we spend a week in Singapore to try to meet as many people as possible from the industry such as Telcos, developers, potential partners and other network enablers.
We are in Hall 4, Swedish Pavillon. Come and see us. We look forward to that!

Also we do invite you to a networking event between Swedish, Singaporean, ASEAN companies on Wednesday 17 June between, 3pm and 5pm.

See ya!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Netcom launces MMS from PC with Mobispine

Mobispine has signed an agreement with Netcom and delivered MMS functionality to ”NetCom pcSMS” service which is now available to Norweigan customers.

The service makes it possible for Netcom customers in Norway to now also send MMS and not only SMS from the PC.

- ”Mobispine is very proud that Netcom has chosen Mobispine as a technology provider within the desktop messaging space and we can extend the functionality to MMS”, says Mobispine CEO Dusyant Patel. ”All mobile operators look at MMS as the next revenue generator after SMS”, continues Dusyant Patel.

Netcom customers can download the software to the PC and try the servcie on this website

Thanks Netcom for this opportunity and we look forward making this service succesful in Norway with you!

The Mobispine Team