Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great mobile feedback

We have received feedback from over 100 countries since the new feedback function was launched nearly two weeks ago. You have been sending many interesting comments about problems and good ideas through the feedback function. Quite a few of you had questions about how to add feeds and the share and read more buttons so I will answer them bellow.

You can't add feeds from your mobile yet unfortunately. If you can't find one of your favorite news sources go to the Mobispine homepage (here) and paste the link to the feed you want in your mobile in the box on the bottom of the page. If you sign into your account from our homepage you can directly add your feed to your bookmarks. Otherwise use the search function on your mobile.

You probably saw that the buttons that were at the bottom of each article have moved. They haven't disappeared thou! When you open an article an "Actions" button appears at the bottom left of your mobile's screen. Click on it and a menu with all the previous buttons appear.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Keeping posting it, it keeps us busy!

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