Monday, May 26, 2008

Thursday = Upgrade day

After weeks of sweat and hard work we still have a few days to go to make it to Thursday and release a new upgrade that will improve your mobile news reading experience. Here is a first taste of what you can expect.

A big improvement has been made on the search. We have to admit our search results weren't really good... Thanks for your feedback on this, it helped us go through all our bugs and fix them. The search should make it much easier to find the sources of news you are looking for and bookmark them.

Another bug that some users have reported is that they had articles in double (or more) in the categories. This is happens with big news sources like the BBC which has the same articles in different feeds. For example BBC World and BBC UK can both have an article about the terrible events in Burma. Fortunately this will be fixed by Thursday.

That's not all... but I have to get back to work ;-). I'll tell you more later this week.

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