Monday, June 2, 2008

Mobispine: Featured web app and Staff pick on

The Apple web apps site has posted Mobispine as featured web app and selected it as a Staff pick!

We are very pleased that Apple likes our work and hope that more people now will start experiencing Mobispine.

Head on over to Apple to check out what we are talking about and if you have a iPhone try it yourself, type in: on your iPhone.

If you don't have a iPhone go to in your mobile browser to try out Mobispine.

Description of Mobispine for iPhone:
A news reader for your iPhone. Find, bookmark and read news that matter to you.

- With Mobispine you can Find, Bookmark and Read news that matters to you
- Over 200,000 local and international sources
- Search and explore categories
- Fast iPhone environment & experience
- Collect your favorite news in one place and read more

It is free to use, No account needed, get started right away!


Hiljen said...

Guys, you did a great job in designing this app. Let's try to improve it the coming weeks.

reloaded said...

I agree. The application is fantastic. But how are you going to earn money on it? That is what really matters if the company is going to survive. You earn per click?

Unknown said...

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