Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mobispine wants to get stronger web presence

We just finalized the acquisition of NewsAlloy, a web-based feed-reader which was one of the pioneers in the early days of RSS some years ago and we are excited about that. Our goal is to offer a more seamless product offering to users so you can access the content also from the web in case you are nearby a computer.

Users no longer have to settle for the difficult-to-use RSS feeds that other vendors offer for PCs and mobile phones. By joining forces with NewsAlloy, we can offer speedy and simple access to RSS feeds on both the PC and mobile phone. We believe all RSS users will find this technology a welcome change from current offerings.

We recommend you users try out the NewsAlloy service and as always all feedback is more than welcome!

All the best,
Dusyant Patel, Mobispine AB

PS If you want to read the full press-release about the acquisition please check this link or this great article from RCR News. Thanks Colin Gibbs!


pohos said...

This is definitely a smart move so that you grow your products portfolio and you enlarge the offering.

The mobile client is definitely a social heat. Let's see how the web products will add more heat to Mobispine

Can't wait to see the new products in action.....

Unknown said...

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