Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New eSMS clients

If you are a customer to some of these operators you can send SMS from you computer, and in some cases even MMS.
Currently you can download a standalone client or outlook client, all running in windows.
In the future we plan to implement some new clients for windows and other plattforms.
For example:
  • Vista gadget
  • A Gmail plugin
  • Mac and Linux clients.
Another thing we are planning for is a web service making it possible for all developers to implement their own SMS clients. All traffic would be sent through your operator with your number as sender and all SMS charged in your monthly bill.
Dont worry if your operator is not in the list, you will be able to use the web service as well.
Planned release is in October and we are discussing its requirements.

If you where to develop a client using this web service, what functionality would you like to have in it?


Hiljen said...

I like the gadget concept! I already toda use some Widgets on my MacBook and I think it will become a hit providing these gadgets for Vista.
Gmail sounds cool as most of my friends use Gmail nowadays..
It will also be very exciting to open up the API to 3rd party developers through Web Services.

pohos said...

Great stuff to hear from Mobispine. What I would really like is to have video streaming content in MMS. This would engage users to share videos by MMS to all their friends.

Keep up the good work guys.

Can't wait to see the results

prolink said...

Vista gadgets is a good idea

and may be you mean t widget for iGoogle - not Gmail ?

Anonymous said...

I find the API though webservices is very useful for enterprise solution to tap into operators environment.
Applications like enterprise system notification message, pincode acknowledgement (for banking & payment),
Sms/mms content push (more towards exhibition, conference, roadshow ) can make use this API.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, really nice ideas … but here is another one … Have you ever considered to make a web client … Simple web page to send sms, that will run in any environment …mobile , pc( windows, linux, mac) , instead of investing all this energy to develop specific clients for each platform?? … Best of luck ;) !!

Anonymous said...

And still no support for the unicode, of course ??? [same "great stuff" as by General Wireless ...]

CyberSliver said...

What's the status on the webservice API? We're dying to get our hands on it.

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