Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Appstore here we come!

Finally our News reader is available on the Apple Appstore. The last couple of weeks we have been developing and working on publishing our app and now you can test it yourselves, here is the iTunes link:

Mobispine News Reader

You can also search for "Mobispine" in the App store.

We really want your feedback on the app, what is missing, what do you want, what could be done? write a comment or send feedback to feedback@mobispine.com.

Here is a photo of Per Lundberg, the developer of our iPhone app together with Andrew Boddy, CTO of Mobispine, great work guys!


Hiljen said...

The app looks great! I guess you could do search slightly better so you can see examples of other searches as you fill in the letters.

Don't play too much pin ball :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad for us, unfortunately i do not have iPhone to play with it.

I want Windows Mobile version!! :)

Unknown said...

Good job guys! I should buy an iPhone and do some "stress tests" on it. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool app! Does it run on the pinball game too?

Segovia Smith said...

I want to give your app a try in my iPhone but I'm not sure it offers secure RSS capabilities. I've checked and it doesn't seem that any other apps offer any way to authenticate an RSS feed so if you guys can pull it off, I would be all over your app like a fat kid on a smarty. ;-)

Unknown said...

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