Friday, February 13, 2009

Our products & what we are up to now!

Hey there!

We have the following products available for mobile operators and other players in the mobile/internet industry
- Desktop messaging including outlook plugins, toolbars, widgets/gadgets etc, web-based messaging
- iMMS, MMS for iPhone solutions
- MyScoop Mediabox, online photo & video albums
- RSS-reader with mobile content directory

Our great tech team is currently very busy doing...

- some large customer deployments of desktop messaging - new ones & upgrades of existing systems
- some software development projects (GPS apps, synch/backup solutions..)
- improvement of the MyScoop Mediabox solution - soon available for beta testing...
- Final touch of Mac Widget (let us know if you'd like to beta test it)

What is Next?
- Simplified download procedure for desktop messaging -> more happy users
- Public launch of Mac Widget for Desktop Messaging
- Mediabox demo system up and running for international users with more and more functionality available
- Desktop Messaging available in more countries

Any other ideas of what is important for making mobile operators and mobile users happy in our field?

Happy Valentine all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. A great plugin/add-on for Outlook that I found 3 weeks ago is Outlook Track-It. It basically downloaded a toolbar for outlook, where you can select options to flag your emails and remind you to follow up. It's amazing for followup/GTD functionality in general.

Anonymous said...

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