Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What is Desktop Messaging?

Some people I meet ask me some of the following questions: What are you doing? What is the need? I have e-mail, IM etc on my computer and some people have e-mail/twitter in their mobile phones as well. What is the need?

The answer is pretty straightforward
  1. Instant Messaging is great sending direct messages from one PC to another PC
  2. Standard SMS/MMS are great sending messages from one mobile phone to another mobile phone
  3. Desktop Messaging (from Mobispine for example) is great when users in front of their PC want to reach people directly (within seconds, minutes, hours). As of today most people carry a cell phone 24/7 but do not sit in front of a computer or in front of their e-mail 24/7.
Other benefits with desktop messaging is the ability to get replies back in your computer. This simplifies the administration and handling of incoming messages as well.

Our goal is to be a strong player in between computers and mobile phones as is the case of Desktop Messaging.

If you want to test our desktop messaging solution simply send as an email to sales AT and we will send you a version to test.


Anonymous said...

I like the fact you can quickly send many messages. I use it for business, booking meetings, telling I am late and also to stay in connect with family.

Would be great to have more communication possibilities as well.

Savannah said...

I believe there are people you call, people you text, people you email and then people who you contact via myspace, twitter, etc.

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