Thursday, July 29, 2010

Closing down Fun Text operations

The Mobispine board of directors has today announced the decision of closing down the Fun Text service and the Image Semantics Limited subsidiary in UK.

After over a year of offering the Fun Text solution to our customers, the Mobispine team has decided to close down its Fun Text operations. The decision to do so has been tremendously difficult, but we’ve come to realize that now is the best time for this to happen.

First, we’ve struggled with making our Fun Text business financially viable.

Secondly, without the revenue to keep a great team full-time, we’ve not had the chance to lately develop the solution as we originally wanted. In addition, the nature of the market is changing rapidly moving from mobile web to apps for iPhone and Android phones and we believe you need to invest in these areas to stay as a leading player in the mobile content space.

Thirdly, we have seen that the sales cycle is still kind of long (quarters) and the mobile operator customers we have approached are expecting to get Fun Text on a revenue share basis, i.e. not much up-front money to us.
At the end of the day the cost was too high too keep the product alive and we did not see any profitable future in the foreseeable future.

It was a tough decision but now we look forward and we will stay even more focused in providing our leading messaging solutions to mobile operators. We have very exciting offerings in the areas of:
- Desktop messaging
- Enterprise messaging
- Enhanced mobile broadband messaging
- Management of SMS services

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments or contact us privately.

Joakim Hilj

CEO, Mobispine AB
Firstname.lastname AT


Anonymous said...

Well, just closing down operations of certain companies doesn´t help in the long run. You have to start selling your product to !!!!

Anonymous said...

You also need to develop new products, why not tell us more about what's in the pipeline in new or refined products? It's time to tell us your story, your vision for the future and to show us some more results.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! is this blog dead our alive? Some response to the comments would be nice or is the policy for the blog the same as for the website? Old news are still there instead of newer.

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