Thursday, March 20, 2008

Interact with your news

"News is shifting from being a product — today's newspaper, Web site or newscast — to becoming a service: how can you help me, even empower me?" Readers are looking for more in news than knowing about the latest events. They want to interact with their news: find what they are looking for, "react to it, sort it, shape it".

These quotes are extracted from the interesting news and media industry report from the Project for Excellence in Journalism (pdf ). Giving you readers these interaction tools is very important but it is also a blurry area especially when we come to mobile news readers. What interaction should we integrate in Mobispine?

The report states 39% of Americans chose friends and neighbors as an important informational source. I find this statistic low!

The news I get from my friends is often great. With guys from Mobispine we share a lot of interesting stuff on mobile phones. With other friends I get different news, youtube movies, etc. They are filtering news from all there is on the internet for me and send me only the best. Then we can discuss the news and exchange. News is a great social enabler so I'd say friends are my top and favorite source of news.

"Lies, damn lies and statistics". All Americans don't use Mobispine (yet!) and you readers come from all over the world. I would like to know how you Mobispine news readers consider the information you get from friends. How do you want to interact with it in your mobile? Let's make this a little less blurry!


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