Monday, March 31, 2008

Mobile Internet booming in Europe

Read in ComputerWorld some days ago exactly what we are seeing at Mobispine. They, or actually the research firm Forrester Reearch Inc sy Mobile Internet is about to boom in Europe now.

In a new Forrester report published this week, the number of people in Western Europe accessing Internet services using their mobile phone is predicted to triple to reach 125 million by 2013. In some countries, including the U.K., adoption will be even faster, predicts Forrester.

Currently, under half of 3G phone owners use mobile Internet on their phone. "To drive the mobile Internet, operators will need to push flat-rate data plans, increase the number of relevant services and applications, and introduce new devices that provide a better user experience."

We at Mobispine like their analysis for obvious reasons and we try the best to make the mobispine service widely available for people all over the world.


Anonymous said...

How many are we mobispine users? Do you keep that statistics?

DSL Flatrate said...

Thanks for the information..I was not aware of this thing as I am from Alaska..I was looking for the mobile internet information and reached here,,I found your post very informative and I agree with your post that in coming years the use of internet will rise in many numbers and it will be boom all over..

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