Thursday, May 29, 2008

Show of with Mobispine on your iPhone

We are big fans of the iPhone at Mobispine. Although it isn't available in Sweden yet (apple has just signed a deal to bring the iPhone to the Nordic countries) we have one at the office we keep fighting over. The experience is really different and in a country where it isn't released it's great to show of!

For the past weeks our iPhone has been grounded at the office because we have been adapting our WAP page to it. You can now read your favorite news on your iPhone, and doesn't it look great!

The first version will be available later today as will all the new features mentioned in the two previous posts. Expect some improvements to be made so take part in them by sending us your feedback and ideas.


Anonymous said...

It works perfect for me! I have been using it for some hours and the webapp seem to be very quick and simple to use.

/ Joe

Unknown said...

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