Thursday, October 9, 2008

eSMS for the future

We have not been that active with blogs but that doesn't mean we have been lazy.
New orders are coming in and new installations to be completed and new releases to be made.

Internally we are working hard with the roadmap to provide you new clients and new possibilities to send messages. Antoher project we are working on is something we call Amorella (Yes, that name comes from a big ferry). This project has as target to rewrite parts of eSMS solution with newer technologies. Things get old and needs to be taken care of even though they work well, we can't just leave them as they are. It's like rearranging furniture even thought that old couch feels extremly comfortable.
Two big technological desicision has been made in this project and the first one is about what web server we use.
We started to use Glassfish in our installations instead of Tomcat and we are extremly happy about that! Glassfish provides us stability, security, modularity, everything you might want or we want!
Another big desicion is to use the Spring framework when rewriting the code. Spring is like magic! It's easy and extremly powerful and i enjoy every day i get to implement something in it.
These technologies and motivated developers will give us even more stable and stronger product!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update! Can you mae it easier for people to try out the PC messaging service?

Marko Tech Guru @Brightstep said...

Best way to try it is to see if your operator is on the list shown on this page:
Otherwise you can download a free version and send 10 free SMS. There is a link on the bottom of the page.

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