Monday, April 6, 2009

Desktop Messaging - around 40% growth last month

SMS traffic from computers continue to grow! March figures compared with February figures is 40% up.

More and more Mobile Network Operators (MNO's) deploy and launch desktop messaging solutions towards their subscribers nowadays. Mobispine has currently more than 25 MNO's using our technology for desktop messaging and we are steadily growing with a few new MNO's per quarter.

Another finding we see when comparing data from these MNO's is that active users send between 20 and 200 SMS per user and month.

We know March has 10% more days than Feb and that would explain part of the growth but not the major part of course. Anyone with theories? People message more when ecenomy is down?

The data in this blog post come from 10 European Mobile Operators currently offering Mobispine desktop Messaging to its subscribers.

/ Joakim


Anonymous said...

Well - people are getting to know GTD now. It's a new world! I discovered Outlook only about a year ago (I know, late!) I added Outlook Track-It which is basically a followup email reminder, as an addon, and now I am more on top of things.

Anonymous said...

Chad - I use Outlook Track-It, as well. It's great for GTD. Did you read David Allen's book? Wonderful plugin.


Savannah said...

Maybe more people are messaging because it is a way to connect to people when they have time and then the person receiving the email can respond on their time. Everyone is busy while at work and sometimes it is easier to message than call

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