Monday, March 16, 2009

iSendMMS release schedule

Our tech team is now working hard to fix bugs in iSendMMS that was published on AppStore on Thursday last week, allowing Swedes to send MMS from their iPhone.

Here is our current release schedule:

v1.0.1: (Submitted to Apple for approval)
BUG DESCRIPTION: The "Send" button is not disabled when the MMS is sent. If the user hits "Send" again, multiple MMS may be sent. (However these are already filtered on server side, so MMS won't be published/charged more than once)
BUG RESOLVED: When pressing "Send" button the UI now disables the button after submitting, to avoid multiple submits being sent.

BUG DESCRIPTION: Status indication not always displayed to user after sending MMS.
BUG RESOLVED: The user is now informed in the status field if the message was sent OK or not. If a MMS fails for any reason, the user can resubmit it. This also helps partly to cure the EDGE sending failure problem fixed in next release, since now the user get the failure notification and can try a resubmit.

BUG DESCRIPTION: Screen flickers while showing progress bar.
BUG RESOLVED: This is now resolved

v1.0.2: (Under development)
BUG DESCRIPTION: EDGE phones sometimes rejecting MMSs.
BUG RESOLVED: Under development...

BUG DESCRIPTION: Bug when replacing an existing image while composing MMS.
BUG RESOLVED: Bug fixed.

BUG DESCRIPTION: Some special characters in text can cause problems sending MMS.
BUG RESOLVED: Under development...

BUG DESCRIPTION: Default text remains in text/subject field if not edited.
BUG RESOLVED: Bug fixed.

On the list of features to be added in future releases:
NEW FEATURE: Multiple receiptients
... and more


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