Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Web-apps versus Downloaded apps on PC?

Hi all!

Most people I know of is nowadays having a Facebook account for personal usage and more and more people also do use Twitter for status updates. Obviously it takes time to
a) update your status in one or multiple locations
b) read the updates of your friends/followers etc..

I think everyone shall try out Seesmic. From my point of view it is a great app for both reading status updates and doing status updates to Facebook and Twitter. As it is built on Air it works on both Mac and PC and best of all, they also have a pretty good webapp available to use.

So, I suggest you to use Seesmic in one or more ways and please let us know what you prefer - A downloaded client on your computer or a webapp. Also let us know why.

I guess you all can see how this relates to our clients/web-clients for Mobispine and Desktop Messaging..


/ Joakim


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