Friday, September 19, 2008

Mobispine Outage

Disk crashes happen, in this case it seems to be the RAID controller.

This affects the Mobile News Reader, not the eSMS products

We were a small company and now we are medium sized business. Fortunately we have the redundant hardware in place but regrettably our recovery process has not been established.

In non-technical terms we can say 'growing pains'; we can be very thankful for our recently acquired General Wireless hardware and the guys we recently hired here in Romania.

This embarrassing situation is forcing us to build a replication database, something I'd much rather be doing while the system is on-line. In addition, we are trying to recover the broken server: which of these options is completed first is not known at the moment.

We installed new hardware 3 weeks ago; that infrastructure has proved very valuable.

Dell are asking us to run a lot of diagnostics before starting the warranty process... either way its their hardware that is broken!

Next job for me is to schedule the tasks and people for the weekend :-(


In other Mobispine news... "duplicate SMS sending bug" and "impressions count bug" were fixed yesterday... so the software teams are pleased... but some of us will be working the weekend.


Andrew said...

Note: this is only affecting the Mobile New Reader, not the eSMS products.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the work this weekend

Anonymous said...

We trust you guys! Just do your best so that we can re-start reading news.

ugominion said...

mobispine is a wonderful application. I couldn't imagine a day without my mobile news. But now this outage has made where I am now seem like living under a rock...complete darkness!!! When will mobispine be up and going again?

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I really hope the service is back again asap. I have became a kind of addict of this wonderful service!

Good luck guys with the recovery!

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