Friday, September 12, 2008

New news reader is out! Please give us feedback!

Yesterday, we released some smaller improvements of our mobile news reader version. Currently we have the news reader in three formats: Java, wap and Iphone. We look for great ideas about what could be improved, changed or modified in order to do it better. Some things I am thinking about we should fix the near future are:
  • Recommendations, meaning users get recommended news and news sources according to previous behavious
  • See No of new/unread articles in the bookmark list. This will save time for users who only open the bookmark with content if updated recently
  • After reading an article and you go back you should not come to the top of that list, but rather to that specific position in the article list (IPHONE)
  • Always have more recommendations to see in Explore/"Category"
  • Make it possible to do "feed imports" from Google Reader, Bloglines from Iphone/wap as well
/ Joakim


Anonymous said...

I want to see the comments from blogs as well. Is that possible??

Anonymous said...

have been reading news latest at mobispine often n feel lost when could not access mobispine past few days..keep up the best good work..waiting for the recovery soon..bravo mobispine ..salute to yr dedicated work

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