Monday, September 22, 2008

Service icon trouble

Monday and we are back. As a result of last weeks troubles some of our service icons (logos for your favourites) have gone missing. If you find that your favourites are missing icons please post a comment with the name and url and I will fix it, hope you all had a great weekend.


Unknown said...

Does this mean that everyone still has their subscriptions or will we all have to set them up again?

Anonymous said...

All subscriptions is still there :) it was only the logos that went missing, but we have fixed it now

Arató Gergely said...

my ikons became small, and the page is really confused.

Magnus, Creative Director @ Mobispine said...

Gergely: Yes some icons are smaller, we tried a new method for getting service icons where we check for a favicon if the feed itself does not have a graphic defined. We are going to improve this soon so we have better scalability of the icons.

Anonymous said...

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Rossie Jordan said...

My icons became too small.I hope everything will be in oder.

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