Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mobispine facts & strategy

I feel we are a very ambitious team really trying to create value for our customers by delivering attractive products. More and more customer have been attracted by us lateley and we have decided to serve these mobile players such as: operators and handset manufacturers really well. Those are our customers. Our goal is to help them increase the ARPU (revenue) and the value in their handsets, mobile networks and at the end make consumers happy.

In order to summarize what we have done the last months in regards to creating a stronger company I summarize below:
We have done 3 company acquisitions:
- NewsAlloy - very exciting technology for web-based RSS-readers
- General Wireless, leading provider of software/applications for desktop messaging, More than 20 mobile operators use this technology today
- MyScoop, exciting company with services for creating communitys around photos/videos and storage of media

These acquisitions and our product development has created an exciting portfolio of Value Added Services for mobile players such as:
- Desktop messaging product suite - Outlook, standalone desktop clients, Vista gadgets, soon Mac etc...
- Mobile RSS news reader, Iphone, java, wap
- Photo/video communitys for sharing & storing of media from mobile and PC's

I personally love this portfolio of services and we see proof points from our customers that we are on the right track as the feedback gets more and more positive and also more and more orders coming in :). Thanks!

Currently we employ some 25 people in three countries, Most of us are techies dealing with development, testing or some other engineering tasks within the company. Next step for us is to find some top-notch business peple so we better could cover growth areas such as: APAC, Americas. We always look for dedicated Sales people who is able to to do business and make the customers happy.

Thanks to our employees, all our customers and all other hang-arounds for supporting us in this journey. My personal belief is that we have not even reached 10% of the company potential so please keep on working hard!

Take care!


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