Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gadgets and Widgets

There has been some questions about the gadgets and widgets. Here are some answers to these questions.
The Gmail plugin is a t Widget that can be used anywhere on google sites after authenticating to Google.We used the term Gmail plugin because some operators with customized Gmail sites for they customers, requested this kind of application.

Vista gadget is first planned to come as extra client with current eSMS clients. In the case of Desktop version of client, you would acctually have three possibilities to send SMS/MMS:
  • From the desktop client
  • From the internet explorer plugin
  • From the vista gadget

Next step is to provide the possibility to have only one vista gadget.


Hiljen said...

Great concept with Gadgets! Wh y not do them more lively and colourful somehow. These ones are grey and little bit "boring"

Marko Tech Guru @Brightstep said...

The great thing with Gadgets is that its extremly easy to change the skins! One of the guys in the office had a big heart as skin that looked cool. So, this is only some examples of skins but there are a lot of possibilities! :-)

robbban said...

Will it be possible to use a photo/film of yourself, your children, your pet, etc.?

Alex daina said...

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